Home Nursing at its best

Creating a Climate of Continuous Care.

Gernessa Homecare Services is a private practice specialising in low to high intensity nursing care in the comfort of your own home. Gernessa Homecare Services seeks to provide home care as the alternative to hospitalisation, frail care, rehabilitation or similar facilitation. We currently oversee medical care for over 160 patients at home on any given day for a myriad of various factors:

  • Post – hospitalisation care
  • Cancer care
  • Wound care
  • Dementia
  • Elderly/Frail care
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Specialised Care

The “Climate of Continuous Care” principle ensures that the primary care of GHCS patients is continuous (from Hospital/Rehab/Sub Acute to home) so as to ensure that there is no interruption to the recovery process of the patient. GHCS seeks to work in conjunction with the Doctor (or multi-disciplinary team) of our patients to address the medical history as well as any other factors that will determine the Nursing Care Plan prescribed to our patients. GHCS seeks to embody our company slogan and philosophy as “We Care For People”.