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When age starts to hamper or you experience one of many possible medical problems, it is time to consider home care. But where do you start? Who do you trust to carry you in your time of need? Gernessa Homecare Services complies with the following key features:


It is important that the medical practice is registered at the BHFS (Bureau of Health Facilities and Services) . Registration as a practice is compulsory for the option of payment by medical aids for home care. Medical aid scheme rules and conditions apply.

Pre - Service Procedures

The procedures of evaluation and implementation are of vital importance to home care. Gernessa Homecare Services ensures that before any Nursing Care Plan is implemented, a Nursing Evaluation is undertaken. The evaluation is scheduled and a Registered Nurse will conduct a clinical visit at the patient be it at home or at the hospital/facility. During the Nursing Evaluation the medical history and clinical information of the patient as well as the needs of the patient are determined, and the Nursing Plan is prescribed as a guideline. When the required authorization is received from the medical aid, it then forms part of the post- evaluation procedure. Gernessa Homecare Services compiles a report of motivation for authorization for private nursing. This report including medical history, diagnosis and ICD - 10 codes (diagnostic codes) with letter of motivation from the treating medical practitioner is sent to the medical aid. Depending on feedback, it will be determined whether the fees charged for nursing will be paid by the medical aid or by the account guarantor of the patient.

Implementation Procedures and Follow - up Visits

Once the Nursing Implementation date of home care service is determined, the Nursing Care Plan is implemented. A Registered Nurse introduces the care worker to the patient and relatives. The Nursing Care Plan is followed by daily recordings by the care worker. These recordings include daily observations, overall hygiene, aspects of mobilisation, (and not limited to) specialised medical procedures. Another important aspect is the follow-up clinical visits by Gernessa Homecare Services Registered Nurse. These follow - up visits, included in our service fees, are managed by the Nursing Manager of GHCS. These Clinical Visits, depending on the diagnosis and needs of the patient, occur on a basis as stipulated by the medical practitioner. A Clinical Visit Report is compiled during the Clinical Visit and forms part of the Nursing file of the patient. The Registered Nurse who conducted the Clinical Visit provides feedback to the Nursing Manager and a progress report is compiled. In the case of medical aid authorisation, the report will be sent to the medical aid to motivate for further authorisation.

Attending Practitioner Feedback

The importance of the medical practitioner is not excluded from the home care procedure, but is an important part of it. Besides the original Nursing Evaluation a physician feedback report is sent to the treating practitioner, cementing the relationship between the care practice and the medical practitioner . This relationship is vital for the period of home care, as the Nursing Manager consults the attending practitioner with regards to adjustments around prescribed medication and other aspects of the clinical history and future care.

Nursing Procedures.

With the goal of home care for care as an alternative to hospitalization or sub - acute facilities, it is important that GHCS has the ability to conduct medical procedures at home. These single procedures, like Clinical Visits, are conducted by the Registered Nurse and is also included in the overall service fee. Procedures include: catheterisation, wound care, IV therapy, stoma procedures and even annual flu vaccinations (enquire here regarding additional fees for surgical stock used). The registered nurse may also conduct various tests eg. blood tests, glucose tests or urine tests with the assistance of laboratories such as Ampath or Vermaak and partners, which in turn, upon test results, are submitted to the attending practitioner admitted for guidance on further nursing actions to be taken.

Additional Information / Counselling

The final feature that forms part of the responsibilities of Gernessa Homecare Services is additional guidance provided by the Registered Nurses on incontinence, diabetes and other medical related issues. Counselling is also offered in the final stage of life, as well as family counselling families/loved ones as part of the palliative process. Our Gernessa Homecare Services counselor thus also provides to existing short/long term patients.

With the characteristics described above, the question of who will carry you in when in need, need not be headache that you cannot relieve, but rather a step that is made easier by GHCS.

We Care for People.